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Server Update

Dark Relics

1-G90 Side parts has been added.

2-You can Obtain G90 Side parts From f9.

3-You can Obtain G90 Side parts From F10, 100% drop chance.

4-You can Obtain G90 from Other Bosses 30% Drop chance.

5-G80 Mains has been added to F9 Mobs Drop rate.

6-F8/F7 Are now Solo Areas.

7-Level required For F7/F8 Is 91.

8-Luxury Town Level required is now 80.

9-Starting Gear is now G65/G65 Weapon.

10-New Comers pack has been changed.

11-New Comers now get G3 PET/G2 Buff scroll instantly.

12-Starting Level is now 81.

13-MK now drop 30 Jewels.

14-MK now Drop I'lyer soul with 50% Drop rate.

15-F10 EXP has been increased.

16-G80 Weapons are now obtainable at F9.

17-G80 Weapons has been added to F10.

18-POB Damage has been increased in PVE.

19-BF Reward has been increased to 50 Jewels.

20-Highest Hanin mirror has been added to Honor Point NPC.

21-Highest Hanin mirror Has been added to Crafting NPC.

22-Demon gong has been added to The Drop rate.

23-New Level 93+ 2 man party area has been added to VOD.

24-All type of bosses now drop I'lyer Soul except town bosses.

25-TOP F9 Level required is now 90.

26-Anti KS System Has been enabled.

27-Wooden boxes/Fishing system has been improved.

28-EXP Event NPC has been replaced With Damage Event NPC.

29-G70 Stuff drop rate has been increased at F7/F8/Luxury town.

30-Crafting Coins/DSS/Qigong/Has been added to Town Bosses.




Server Update

Rise of Magicians Update

1-G80 Weapons crafting system has been added.

2-G80 weapons Crafting items will be obtainable Top Floor 9 & D6 F3 which is 90+.

3-G80 Main parts crafting items will be obtainable Top Floor 9 too.

4-D2 Level 95+ Solo area has been added.

5-TOP F9 Has been turned into party.

6-Level required for F9 Is 92+.

7-CW Reward has been changed to 100 jewels.

8-Hypnotism CD Has been decreased to 5 Secs.

9-Mages Evaison has been increased by 20.

10-G2 TOPS are now obtainable from high level mobs.

11-Success rate of G2 TOPS from mobs is 10%.

12-G80 Crafting items has been added to F9.

13-Level 90 solo area MOBS OTP has been increased.

14-F10 EXP Has been increased.

15-5K HP Necklace has been added to F10.

16-Shining Pearl has been added to F10.

17-Infernal Fraction has been added to F10.

18-I'lyer Soul has been added to F10

19-Crafting items has been added to D6 BOSS.

20-D1 Has been turned into Egging Area.

21-Wisdom points in G2 Revenges TOP has been turned into Health points.

22-F8 is now 80+ Solo area.

23-MA's Nirvana damage has been increased PvP/PvE.

24-Right now we are working on MA's perfect heals.

25-Some damages has been reduced.

26-Some bugs has been fixed.




Server Update

The Ifrits

1-Mobs has been added to Luxury Town.

2-Level Required for Luxury Town is 90+.

3-Luxury Town is a solo Area.

4-D6 F3 Mobs size has been decreased and modified.

5-Castle of Iron is now 85+ Solo area.

6-G80 Side parts Can be obtained from Luxury town monsters.

7-Safe hill is now available as high level Area.

8-Ifrits and Giants has been added to Safe hill.

9-Ifrits and Giants are 3-2 Man party monsters.

10-You are able to upgrade your calls/force of defense from the honor shop NPC.

11-GvG has been fixed.

12-UG Dok damage has been increased.

13-General's PWW damage has been slightly increased.

14-GOS spin has been fixed.




Server Update

Devah Floor 3

1-D6 F3 is now available.

2-Level required for D6 F3 is 90.

3-G80 Main parts has been added.

4-Craft system for G80 Main parts is available near the donation store.

5-You can obtain the items needed for G80 Crafting in D6F3 Only.

6-D6F3 is a party area only.

7-G75 Weapons has been added to F1/F2 Solo mobs.

8-Honor tag has been fixed.

9-Solo mobs at D6F2 Exp has been slightly increased.

10-GvG has been fixed.

11-GvG Rewards has been Improved, 30k reward points for each member in the winning guild and also 50 jewels.

12-Water of Eight Trigrams has been added to the crafting NPC.

13-You can trade 10 water of Eight Trigrams for 100 Crafting coins.

14-3rd job will be enabled in Castle war.

15-Nirvana will be disabled in Castle war.

16-Level required for battle field is now 90+.

17-Some bugs had been fixed.

18-Some skills has been modified and adjusted.

19-GoB Damage has been improved in PvP/PvE.




Server Update

Inferno Dragon

1-G80 Side parts has been added to TOD F2 .

2-You can Obtain G80 Side parts from TOD F2 Party/Mini party mobs.

3-Starting Level is now 70.

4-Starting gear is now G60/G65 Weapon.

5-Level required For V.o.D is now 70.

6-Starting Picker pet now lasts for 3 days instead of 1.

7-G5 Dunamic pet size has been reduced.

8-GvG has been enabled.

9-General ABS has been fixed.

10-G70 Quiver has been added.

11-G70 Orb has been added.

12-Water of Eight trigrams has been added to Vote NPC.

13-Jewels has been added to Vote NPC.

14-Water of Eight trigrams has been added to Shop Coin NPC.

15-Water of Eight trigrams drop rate from boxes has been increased.

16-Level required for F6 Is now 85.

17-F60 Drops/exp has been increased according to the level required.

18-F6 Mobs hp/damage/otp has been increased.

19-ASC Damage has been increased in PVP.

20-Most of 3rd job skills has been enabled, we will work on the rest tomorrow.

21-G75 Weapons drop rate has been slightly increased.

22-G70 Main parts drop rate has been slightly increased.

23-Honor pet talismans has been removed from G4 Pet Quest..




Server Update

Christmas update

During the event there will be 30% discount on all donations.

1-Christmas decoration has been added to fort and all cities, if u have any problem with colors please /set time 1.

2-As we are preparing for Christmas some santa thiefs has been captures in temp.

3-Santa area has been enabled.

4-Level required for Santa area is 75.

5-You can obtain high class dss/qigong by killing santa mobs with a decent rate.

6-You can obtain Trigrams/30% Traks and water of the eight trigrams by killing santa mobs.

7-You can obtain the unique Santa costume which gives 15 of each stats and lasts for 3 days by killing santa mobs .

8-Crafting coins has been added to Santa claus area with decent rate.

9-G70 Mains has been added to E-mok boss 50% chance.

10-G70 Main parts has been added to F10 system 50 % chance.

11-G70 Main parts has been added to Death at at D6 F1 50% chance.

12-G70 Main parts has been also added to D6 Mobs (low rate).

13-Matureta boss has been enabled.

14-Matureta respawns at fort ramp.

15-Matureta has a chance of 50% to drop A G70 Main part.

16-Santa Pet has been added to the donation shop.

17-You can use your new Santa pet while you are using the normal pet at the same time.

18-Duel Tournament reward is now 100 Jewels.

19-Water of Eight trigrams rate at wooden boxes has been doubled.

20-.G70 Shield has been added to honor shop

21-G80 Shield has been added to honor shop.

22-G65 Stuff is dropable at Santa Area.

23-Some stuff has been fixed.

24-Some skills has been modified.




Server Update

Dungeon 6

Tower of devah is now available.

There is no Quest required for TOD.

Level required for TOD 85.

G70 Side parts/G70 Weapons has been added to TOD.

G70 Side parts has been added to E-mok boss.

G70 Side parts has been added to F10 System.

Death knight respwans 19:30PM Server time.

Death Knight respawns at TOD F1.

Death knight drops G70 Side parts / G70 Weapons.

Water of Eight Trigrams has been added to Boxes.

Suit Enchantment has been fixed.

GOS P.v.E damage has been increased.

Some skills has been modified.

Some bugs has been fixed.

D6 F2 will be disabled for now.




Server Update

Update part 2

-Auction Manager has been added, you can sell/buy stuff by using it.

-Training Center has been added.

-G75 2K HP Ambitious Necklace has been added to crafting NPC.

-G75 Senior Taegeuk has been added to crafting NPC.

-G75 Accs has been added to the crafting NPC.

-70% success rate traks and 30% success rate traks has been added to Crafting NPC

-Costume weapon Enchant box and Costume suit Enchant box has been added to Crafting NPC.

-Jewels has been added as a BF Reward.

-VOD Mobs and spots has been edited and modified.

-Goblin warrior, Zombies and MW Are now available.

-Exp at solo spots has been improved.

-F10 Experience has been increased.

-Hunting system experience has been increased.

-G65 Main parts/weapons are now available at hunting system.

-Level required for VOD is now 77.

-TOP F6 Is now a shiny area.

Nirvana has been Enabled at Level 81.

General POB PVE Damage has been increased.

-G65 Quiver has been added.

-G65 Orb has been added.

-Daily event is now 1 Hour instead of 30 mins.

-Weapon skin is now upgradeable.

-Suit is now upgradeable.

-The upgrade only gives u some extra health points.

-CD On EXP event is now 2 Hours instead of 6.

-Some skills has been modified.

-F10 Crashes/random c/l's has been fixed, if you encountered the same .

-Water of Eight Trigrams has been added.




Server Update

Update part 1

- Valley of Devah Part 1 opened

- Added solo and party mobs

- Mad Knoll warriors added to Castle of Inklames

- A full party is needed to kill Mad knoll warriors

- Bears, Scorpions added as a 4~5 man party

- Goblins added as a 2~3 man party

- Many solo / 2 man party mobs added aswell

- Grade 70 Weapons added on VoD Scorpions, Bears, Mad knoll warriors

- Grade 75 Triagrams added in drop rate at VoD

- VoD Npc Added on Temp Fort

- Lord has a chance to drop grade 70 weapons

- Floor 10 Has chance to drop Grade 70 weapons

- Changed pet food Icon

- Assassin hunter npc text modified




Server Update

1-E-MOK Wolves hp has been decreased

2-Castle of Iron Mobs hp has been decreased

3-E-MOK Safe zone has been improved

4-Thief items drop rate has been modified and improved

5-Time check on Golden exp stone has been removed from the vote shop

6-1 Day Golden exp stone has been added to the DONATION NPC.

7-Floor 7 is now a solo area with a CD on respawn.

8-E-mok boars amount has been increased.

9-E-mok bears respawn delay has been reduced.

10-You can obtain E-mok certificate in Assassin Dungeon.

11-G65 Mains has been added to E-mok boss/F10.

12-G65 Weapons has been added to Mutant Demon with 10% chance.

13-GOS Spin/UG Shadow Slash has been increased in PVE.




Server Update

Experience increased from level 1 to level 70

-Castle of Iron level changed into level 71

-Wolf Area level changed into level 60

-Emok Level changed into level 79

-Emok beach updated

-4 New Playable monster added

-Wolf area 1 By 1 solo play with Decent exp

-Boar area Spawns along right and left Of beach Solo player (Lure and kill)

-Bears Area along far Right and left 4 Players Party With very Decent exp

-Scorpion At the Very end of right side 3 Spots only Full party with very high experience

-Grade 65 Weapon added on Emok Beach mobs

-Grade 65 Side added on Emoke Beach mobs

-Emok Boss updated (Grade 65 Weapon & G60 Mains) 100%

-Wooden box updated Emok Certs increased

-DSS/Qigongs/Perfo Drop rate reworked (slight increase)

-Grade 60 Quiver Added

-Grade 60 Orb Added

-Jewels added at Kal Shop (Near your HP/MP bar)

-Qigong added into donation shop

-Perforation shot added into donation shop

-High grade of Qigong added into Craft Shop

-HIgh grade of Qigong added into Donation shop

-Floor 6 /7/8 Experience increased

-Mystery Skills added

-G65 Sides has been added to emok BOSS

-Mystery Skill is now available

-You can now obtain 1 G65 Side part/gG65 Weapon from F10

-The chance of obtaining emok certs from boxes has been increased




Server Update

1-F5 Is now auto lure.

2-Qigong has been added to the drop rate, perf shots also.

3-G65 weapons has been added to F10.

4-F10 Is Now available.

5-You can obtain G65 Weapons from F10/F9/Doggebi lord.

6-G62 Weapons drop rate has been increased.

7-Luxury Town boss HP has been decreased.

8-F10 will take place right after the castle war.

9-Main update will take place tomorrow




Server Update

1-Crafting NPC has been fixed.

2-EXP Event NPC has been added to temp fort.

3-Assassins Area has been added

4-You can port to Assassins area for 30 mins every 12 Hours

5-Assassins area is a solo area made only for crafting and pimp items, not for exp.

6-Castle of Iron is now available.

7-Level required for Castle of Iron is 73.

8-Castle of Iron is party area which designed for a solo mob kill

9-Exp at f3 has been slightly increased to turn it into a solo area.

10-Luxury Town is now available

11-Level required for Luxury town is 73

12-Mutant demon leader has been added to Luxury town

13-Mutant leader spwans every 3 hours and you have to follow the instructions to find it.

14-Mutant leader Drops 10 Boxes and 15 Jewels

15-You can trade jewels from the Jewels trader in Luxury town

16-There is a very low chance to obtain a G60 Main from golden boxes

17-Jail has been added to Temp Fort

18-AFK Automatic check is now enabled

19-If you were caught bypassing the protection you will be jailed then blocked

20-Elite Archers has been removed from F7,F8,F9.

21-High class DSS and crafting coins are now available at the Shop coin NPC.

22-G60 Mains Drop rate has been increased in TOP F9.

23-G60 Side parts and G62 Weapons has been increased in TOP F9.

24-MKs has been added to TOP F9

25-MKs respwans every 6 hours.

26-You can Obtain G60 Side parts by Killing MKs

27-You can obtain Essences from MKs for the up coming areas.

28-Moving scroll price has been reduced to 200k

29-Damage event has been fixed

30-Lucky hour has been enabled

31-F4 Is now auto lure area

32-EXP at f4 has been decreased.

33-Guard HP at f4 has been decreased.

34-F4 drop rate has been Modified.

35-Suits from DC Shop has been fixed.

36-Pet food drop rate has been increased.

37-DSS drop rate has been increated in party Areas.

38-Suits from Crafting NPC has been fixed.




Server Update


2-Level required for f4-f3 is not 60

3-F5-F4 resapwns has been fixed ( not fully auto lure)


5-Daily exp event starts at 8 PM

6-Guard hp has been increased

7-Crafting coins chance in boxes has been increased

8-F6 mobs damage has been decreased

9-Characters limit is now 20 instead of 15




Official Date

Official starts tomorrow 17th Oct 2019

Official time 20:00 Server time