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Server update P1

-G62 Weapons can now be found in TOP F3 (very low chance)

-G62 Weapons can now be found EMOK Party Mobs

-Emok Party Area level check Removed

-TOP F5 Has been added as a shiny area

-TOP F6 Is now a 3 man party area

-TOP F3 Exp has been improved for the people who do like to play solo.

-TOP F7 Has the highest droop rate of G62 Weapons.

-Guards hp has been increased

-Guild upper limit of members is now 40 instead of 32.

-POH Has been added to the game (Picture Of Hell).

-You can start collecting Doggebi certs now to upgrade your skills.

-Next update will include the G3 Mage buffs so you can start grinding for it starting from now.

-G1 Buff scroll issues has been fixed

-We are aware that PD/Bless can be used in pvp systems and we are working on it.

- Part 2 of the update will be added after the castle war

-The update requires no patch, it's a server side update




Server update

-TOP F7 is now available

-TOP F7 is now level 71

-G62 weapons can be found now at TOP F7

-POUW Droop rate has been increased

-TOP F5 Won't be available for now as a shiny area

-E-mok area protection has been disabled

-Donation shop has been improved

-Some skills has been adjusted in pve/pve

-TOP is now 65

- The level required for Floor 2-4 is now 65

-Bugs with the Vote system has been fixed

-Stay Tuned for next updates

-If you having prolem with the launcher please download the Origin update from download page




Server update

- F4 exp has been slightly increased

-Scroll pack price has been reduced to 1kk

-Lucky key price has been decreased to 1kk

-E-mok party mobs exp has been increased

-E-mok party mobs hp has been decreased

-Origin Launcher has been added in the update

-Level limitation for FOE has been changed to 50

-Level limitation for EMOK has been changed to 60

-Level limitation for Fishing has been changed to 31

-Level limitation for Voting has been changed to 50

-Fantastic magician mini boss for accessories is now available

-G50 accessories has been added to Fantastic magician and now obtainable

-Fantastic magician spawns at 5 different locations. Demon castle , outside of d1 , outside of temp, safe hill and outside of d2.

-TOP F3 re-spawns / mobs has been fixed

-TOP F3/F2 Exp has been slightly increased

-Fishing system & Items has been adjusted

-Key party system has been improved and adjusted

-Stay Tuned for next updates

-If you having prolem with the launcher please download the Origin update from download page




Official Count down




Official announcement

Official starts Today at 18:00 Server Time

Registration Available right now

Download Client Available right now.

Server patch will be provided In few Hours




Closed Beta

People who wants to join the closed beta have to start messaging from now on

Closed beta application form

Character Name

Years of Kal Online experience?

Reason for applying to our beta?

Which Country are you from?

How much time roughly a day will you be able to test?

Tell us a little about yourself

Hint ,must be submitted in English